Blacksburg Farmers Market
The Blacksburg farmers market is a year-round tradition that brings in all members of the community. Sales are not limited to just produce as you can find a variety of products from vendors such as candles, skincare, and vintage finds. The farmers market is held under the recognizable structure in the heart of downtown Blacksburg. My logo includes an architectural element from the structure while highlighting the initial "F" letter form found in the structure. I chose to contain the mark in a circle to unify the logo while symbolizing the sense of community and coming together that is involved in the Blacksburg Farmers Market.  ​​​​​​​
310 Rosemont
310 Rosemont is a local boutique in downtown Blacksburg. My logo includes the name of the brand by using, '310' to form the shape of a key. Doing this helps embody the brand and the essence of their clothing product by giving an elegant and vintage aesthetic while symbolizing a boutique shop. 

Green Eyed Designs
Being a printing company for portfolios and promotional products, I wanted to include the name of the brand and what they provide because the name is ambiguous to their product. I created a logo that was inspired by the CMYK printing symbol and the eye shape that is formed within the Venn diagram. 

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